A New Year

The most exciting part of a new year for most people is the idea of a new beginning. We start to create plans, dedicate ourselves to our resolutions, envision how this next year will be better than the last.

As an optimist, I truly believe that this year can and will be better despite whomever is our president. It’s not through the creating expectations but rather in the releasing expectations that we will see this next year with fresh eyes. In that way, we will be able to receive more than we imagined and ultimately live a more compassionate daily experience. Here are just a few ideas on creating a beautiful new year.
Releasing all expectations
Let’s not just EXPECT 2017 to the best year, let’s just take each day as it comes. 2017 owes us nothing, so taking each day in with gratitude prepares us to accept everything it offers.
We create expectations for ourselves and others all day long. We want our children to behave a certain way, when they don’t (of course they don’t!), we react not only surprised but sometimes even personally offended. If we have no attachment to how something should turn out or how someone, our kids and partners, then we accept whatever they do or what happens with gratitude.
With a spirit of gratitude we no longer demand or expect things from the people or situations around us everyday. We open up ourselves to exciting possibilities.
Seeing with eyes of gratitude
When we accept life with gratitude and new newness everyday, we are open enough to accept new things. You see, when we plan and expect things to be a certain way, there’s no room for us to see ourselves adapting and opening to new perspectives. Both having the ability to adapt as well as openness to new perspectives are essential for our ultimate happiness. If we don’t accept the inevitability of change in our every moment (and the people around us) then we get stuck, sort of like a child throwing a tantrum, fixated on how we really expected things to turn out. The same is true when we aren’t open to changing our perspective. Being right isn’t as important as trying to see things in someone’s else’s perspective. We aren’t stronger when we’re stubborn, we just don’t learn the lesson this time around. Ultimately having compassion could be our most important goal in life.
Compassion is what fuels our inner growth. If we have one resolution this year and every year, I would suggest it be being more compassionate. Compassion for ourselves, who we were jn 2016 and for all that we will be in 2017. Be loving in the words you use on a daily basis. We are at times our harshest critic. Kindness towards yourself will manifest to everyone around you as you cultivate your compassion more and more. We are stronger individuals when we give compassion and kindness than when we lash out in rage, intolerance, and sarcasm to others. Compassion gently cultivates the parts of us that need more attention every day and every year.
Blessings in 2017
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