Meditation Rocks (for kids and all)

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”
-Dalai Lama

Meditation is a practice we decided as a family to incorporate into our children’s lives at a young age. We try to do it every morning and we see a great difference in the way we all relate to one another when we don’t meditate (everyone is much less patient!). If you’re new to meditation or this is your first attempt, it might be awkward but just keep practicing. Meditation can be done by anyone of any religion as the main purpose is to connect with your body, your breath and just listen. Below the rock tutorial, I included a few simple meditations that kids can do, my 8 year old can do it without my guidance now and she instructs the younger two to follow her. I enjoy practicing it with them all too, also, I keep an eye on the three year old in case she throws something while the other two are zenned out (yeah, it may or may not have happened already)

How to make your own Meditation Rocks
You’ll need:
5-10 smooth stones
Black Sharpie pens (permanent)
Gel pens
Clear nail top coat Or Shellac top coat (you’ll need a UV nail lamp if you do this one though)

  • You can buy or collect your stones. My mother in law got ours at a Mexican beach when on vacation. You can get yours near a river or beach.
  • Wash your stones with soap and water and make sure they’re really dry
  • Draw a peaceful image you want on the stone. If the kids want to help, maybe help them draw a flower, tree, or pond. I looked online for some images of lotus flowers, and other symbols that brought me peace.
  • Either pencil draw it in and then go over it with your permanent marker, or just go for it!
  • Let the permanent marker dry (like 2 minutes) and then color it in with your gel pens.
  • When the gel pen is dried. Put your top coat and let it dry OR (what I do) use your UV or LED nail machine to set your top coat in 1-3 minutes, as you would normally take to set when doing your nails. I put a thicker top and leave it in for 3 minutes. I like the really shiny gloss it leaves behind.
  • That’s it! Your rocks are ready to be used in meditation or as a reminder of presence, peace, love or whatever else you’d like to fill your day with. The gloss really seals in the color and the kids can get the rocks wet without the color smearing (yeah, they already tested it!)
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