Letting Go

“This too shall pass” said an elderly lady at the grocery store once while my oldest child threw a tantrum. Luckily, of course, she was right (she’s 9 now-and now rolls her eyes instead). Now I see that that phrase really embodies all of life. All aspects of life are in constant change, they are never the same forever. The stressful moments in parenting pass, but so do the times when our newborn falls asleep on our chest. I never really purposefully lived a life of presence until I became a mother. I suppose I just sort of rushed through one moment to the next. Checking off little boxes in my head. When my first child was born everything changed, all of a sudden she was a different little person from one week to the next and I realized the passing of time. I wanted to savor the moments. More importantly I wanted to be able to let go of what she was yesterday so that I could truly enjoy her NOW. The more I held on to the idea of what my children were yesterday and I didn’t accept the little people they were today, the less I could enjoy them in the present moment. Yes, they are beautiful and sweet when they are tiny plump babies, toddlers or when they just started talking (even the lack of sleep and breast feeding issues seem to fade away in the light of a perfect memory), but if we can truly be present with them, right here and now, we can really enjoy them and be so present that we won’t look back with any regret. The truth is we are all constantly changing every minute of every day. Our children learn new things, they see the world in a different way and their bodies are changing into adults with every second that passes. To try to hold on to that is denying the beauty of change and being present in the moment. It will also prepare us for accepting all the new things that arise as they evolve (yes, I have a few years before I have teenagers). We won’t hold on to expectations of what they should be or how they should act because we will be presently accepting them in the moment. We accept the happy stages, the challenging moments as merely that, a stage, it will all pass soon, the good and the struggles, they require our presence so that we can experience them and learn the lesson that life has for us. My desire for you and I today is that we can look at our child with eyes of wonder. That we can accept them entirely and let go of any expectations. This moment deserves our full attention.

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2 Responses to “Letting Go”

  1. This really resonated with me. I have found myself constantly reminding my daughter of how she used to be (you used to volunteer to do dishes and we’re constantly nagging me to do laundry… what happened to you?)
    I realize now, it was just a phase. An urge to emulate mama back when she idolized me. Now we’re in the defiant stage. I really needed a reminder to try focus on the positives of this age like her asserting her independence and fine tuning her negotiation skills. Thank you for putting that into perspective!
    Love this blog!❤️️

    • Thank you for your comment Nia! Yes, we are all constantly evolving so much! Your daughter will benefit greatly from your awareness of yourself and keen observation of her. Lucky girl! Sending you love

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